About electric bicycles - LESOOS


About LESOOS electric bicycles

LESOOS electric bicycle is a kind of bicycle with auxiliary power provided by lithium battery and electric motor device, which can realize manpower and electric bicycle. The biggest feature is that it is convenient to ride, and it can save energy. It can ride in mountains, snow, cities and other places. The LESOOS folding makes it easier to visit and carry.

electric bicycles - LESOOS
What checks should be done before riding?

Riding EBike


electric bicycles - LESOOS

Before you set off on your electric bike, you must read the Owner’s Manual carefully and understand each item in detail. In addition, some quick checks will help ensure you get the best and safest riding experience.

Before riding, you need to check the tire pressure, derailleur, chain, front and rear brakes, wheel spokes and all major bolts to ensure that everything works properly.

Before setting off, make sure that the battery is fully charged and secured to its installation, and all cable connections are properly inserted. Please note that the two arrows on the connector must be aligned.

What is the maximum mileage?

The maximum mileage should be around 50-80 kilometers. Please check the details in the specification. However, due to different riding methods, riding conditions, tire pressure, wind resistance and other factors, the actual mileage will be affected.

How bright are the front and rear lights of LESOOS?

The headlight is 10LM. The tail light is 6LM.

Why does the cassette rust? Is there any way to deal with it?

The tape is made of steel and may rust if soaked in water. It is recommended to use rust remover.

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LESOOS electric bike maintenance


electric bicycles - LESOOS

Most of the mechanical parts are the same as ordinary bicycles and require maintenance over time. Maintenance requires certain skills. If you are not sure how to do this, please consult a professional technician at your local bike shop.

Do not lubricate the brake disc to prevent brake failure.

Do not disassemble the battery or drive unit, or insert objects into the battery terminals. Clean the male terminals on the battery, but do not use water. Do not spray any lubricants into the wire ports or force them into the components.

Do not wash the electric bicycle with water. Use a damp towel to clean.


Some knowledge questions and answers about LESOOS electric bicycles

Some common electric bicycle FAQ

electric bicycles - LESOOS

How to know the shipping status?


You can check the shipping status at any time according to the tracking number we provide

How to boot?

Ensure that the battery is properly installed and connected.

Press the power button on the battery, and then long press the power button on the display to turn on the phone.

electric bicycles - LESOOS

Can not boot

Check power consumption. The standard voltage of 36V battery is 32V-42V, and the standard voltage of 48V battery is 42V-52V.

If you have a key, check the connection between the battery and the power switch.

Check the connection of the monitor.

Please email us postmaster@lesoosebike.com video, or contact our call center

Throttle failure

Check the cables and connections of the throttle.


20x2.0 inches. The tires of the same specification can be replaced. And fat tire 20x4.0CST, super big tire

How to fold an electric bicycle?

Unlock the latch of the handlebar column and fold it.

Press the lock button of the frame fold and unlock the latch, and then fold the frame. Fold 2 pedals.

How to check the battery status? (See user manual)

Press the battery status button to check the current remaining battery power by the color of the battery status indicator:

Green: 80-100%, yellow: 20-80%, red: 0-20%.

Throttle output power


The throttle is a separate unit and will not be affected by the boost level.

How to install the pedal?

Please note that the "L" and "R" marks on the pedal represent the left pedal and the right pedal.


How to turn on the front light?

The headlights can be turned on by a switch on the handlebar.

How to activate walking mode?

Long press "-" to activate. You can walk along the bicycle at a speed of 6 km/h.

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