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Electric bicycle battery: capacity current voltage

The battery is one of the most important components of any electric bicycle, but many riders accidentally ignore it when buying an electric bicycle for the first time. It is widely regarded as one of the biggest complaints of new riders after buying their first electric bicycle: "I hope I can buy a suitable battery power."

The size of the battery determines how much power, speed and range you can get from your new electric bike. If you are interested in power, speed or range, then pay close attention to the battery size of an electric bike. Most electric bicycles currently available are based on 36 or 48 volt batteries; they usually provide very moderate power, speed, and climbing performance. LESOOS EBike provides these two types of batteries to fully meet the needs of our customers.


Power: Power is essentially ampere times voltage: higher voltage = more power.

Speed: The motor naturally rotates faster under high pressure. Our system can reach up to 50KM/H. For safety reasons, it adopts dual-brake mechanism. The 36V bicycle developed by LESOOS is controlled at 25KM/H so that it can stop quickly. Due to emergencies, we really consider it from the user's point of view.

Endurance range: Our battery meets the power required for daily life or mountain climbing with each charge.

Efficiency: The higher battery voltage enables the rider to obtain more power and faster speed with less battery current. These are the benefits of prolonging the life of electronic systems.

The importance of ampere-hours

The battery pack is defined by voltage and ampere hour (Ah). The voltage defines the speed and power of an electric bicycle. What determines how far you can go is the total energy in the battery pack. To get more range, you need more ampere-hours.

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