Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Bicycles

How to charge the LESOOS battery?
LESOOS Battery
electric bicycles - LESOOS

Only use LESOOS official chargers. Non-standard or substandard chargers may cause battery failure and shorten battery life. Do not open the display screen while charging, so as not to damage the electrical system.

charging method:

Find the charging port on the frame and plug in the charging cable to charge. There is no need to remove the battery from the frame.

Or remove the battery from the frame and charge it.

* Either way, please connect the charger to the battery first, and then connect the charger to the power source. The battery should not be charged continuously for more than 12 hours.

Lesoos Warm Reminder: When charging, the charger may heat up. As long as the temperature does not exceed 60°C, it is normal. When charging, please place the charger and battery in a stable, dry, non-flammable and explosive place, and out of the reach of children.
How long should I charge the battery?
Charge the battery
electric bicycles - LESOOS

The battery needs to be charged for 3-10 hours before the first use. The charging time depends on the remaining power.

How to check the battery status on the display?

The battery level corresponds to the number of LED bars on the display. When the battery is fully charged, the LED bars all light up. If only one is on and flashing, it means that the battery is seriously low and needs to be charged immediately.

The battery cannot be charged

The charger is mismatched or malfunctioning. Please check the label of the charger to see if the voltage matches the battery. When the charger is plugged in, the indicator light of the charger is green. The indicator light is red when charging. If not, replace the charger. Please use the batteries officially sold by LESOOS to ensure safety and compatibility

The actual voltage of the battery is lower than the protection voltage. Please use a voltmeter to check the battery voltage. The standard voltage of 36V battery is 32V-42V, and the standard voltage of 48V battery is 42V-52V.

Battery status is incorrect

The voltage is not a stable value. It may vary based on actual speed or terrain. The display shows that various battery statuses are normal.

The battery voltage does not match the voltage of the electric bicycle.

Battery maintenance

Environment: The ideal charging temperature for lithium batteries is 20-26°C. Please avoid charging the battery in an extremely cold (below 0°C) or extremely hot (above 50°C) environment, otherwise it may damage the battery, shorten the battery life, or even cause a fire.

Timing: Lithium battery has no memory effect. If you charge the battery after it is completely exhausted, the service life may be shortened. LESOOS recommends charging the battery after each ride, charging between 60%-80%, which is conducive to the maintenance and maintenance of the battery and prolongs its service life

Location: If conditions permit, please park your bicycle indoors to avoid prolonged rain or direct sunlight. If you do not use the electric bicycle for a long time, it is recommended to charge the battery to more than 40%, place the battery in a stable, dry, and cool environment, and charge the battery at least once a month to extend the battery life.

Charger: Only use LESOOS official charger. Non-standard or substandard chargers may cause battery failure and shorten battery life.

Service life: Lithium battery can be fully charged and discharged 300-500 times (cycles). A charge of 0-100% is 1 cycle, and a charge of 50-100% is 0.5 cycles. In addition, the performance of the battery will decrease over time.

Can the battery be replaced? Where to buy?

The battery can be replaced. And can be purchased on the official LESOOS website.

If the battery is dead, can I still ride it?

Yes, electric bicycles can still be ridden. But please turn off the power immediately. Please charge the battery as soon as possible.


Check the motor connection.
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Motor failure

Check power consumption. Charge the battery and restart.

Check the motor connection. It is located at the bottom or rear of the frame.

Please check the fault code on the display and repair it accordingly.
Please check the connection of the controller. It is located inside the frame, please contact LESSOS for more information.

Please email us the video on, or contact our call center.

Motor noise

The sound of the motor running smoothly is normal.

If the motor makes any abnormal noise, please send an email to video, or contact our social media account FACEBOOK or Youtube to leave a message.

Weak current auxiliary

The power assist depends on the gear position of the derailleur and the level of the power assist setting.

Please check the power consumption. When the power consumption is low, the output power may be reduced.

Please email us the video on, or contact our social media account.



What is the LESOOS EBike transmission gear?

LESOOS electric bicycles (select models) are equipped with a 7-speed Shimano transmission system, which allows you to adjust the speed during riding to adapt to different terrain and weather conditions. The low gear is suitable for starting and going uphill, and the high gear is suitable for medium and high speed riding.


Is the transmission a universal part?

Yes, you can change a different derailleur accordingly.

Transmission failure/noise

If the chain cannot enter the gear correctly, you can simply adjust the derailleur. This job requires certain skills, if you are not sure how to do it, please consult a professional technician at your local bike shop.

Check whether the derailleur is deformed. If so, please replace the derailleur with a new one.

Can I replace the brakes?
electric bicycles - LESOOS

You can substitute most brakes on the market. Please note that the bracket of the caliper must fit. Please contact your local bicycle shop to confirm.

The brakes are not working properly

This job requires certain skills. If you are not sure how to do it, please consult the professional technicians of your local bicycle shop or email us on the official website of LESOOS.

Is there a brake power-off system?

Yes, some models have a brake power-off system. When you hold the brake lever, the power assist system will be forcibly shut down. When the brake lever is released, the power assist system will resume work.

Use throttle or walk mode to check if there is power output
Rhythm sensor

Sensor failure/no assistance

If not, see Motor failure.

Check the connection of the cadence sensor.

The difference between speed sensor and torque sensor

The speed sensor collects signals from the pedal speed. The torque sensor collects signals from the force of the pedal.

How to turn on assist mode?

Set the assist level to level 1 or above, start pedaling more than half a circle, the sensor will be triggered.

Models equipped with thumb throttle or twisting throttle: In addition to pedaling assistance, you can also use your thumb or rotating the throttle to assist when riding.

In the two assist modes, if the actual speed is faster than the pedaling frequency, the motor may stop assisting.


Incorrect speed indication
Please send an email to and we will help you set up your monitor to correct the instructions.

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