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FAQ: So I am considering buying an electric bike, where do I start?

When you decide to buy an electric bike, knowing where to start can be a little overwhelming because there are so many different options

What is the purpose of this bicycle?

This is probably the most important question because it will effectively determine the type of bike you are viewing and how you will set them up. If you want a bike that commutes throughout the year, you need a bike with lights, frame, and mudguards so you can carry all your work supplies with you and keep it as dry as possible. If you are riding a bicycle purely for leisure, you may turn to something less practical but more fun to ride.

What terrain will you ride on?

Another very important question, because the bike you choose will largely determine your comfort on different roads. If you plan to ride mainly on the road, a bicycle with relatively smooth tires and an upright riding position will be very useful. If you plan to ride on a mountain bike trail, a full suspension bike with a more active riding position and a more aggressive tire pattern will be a better choice. There are many choices between these extremes, so it is worth considering your position in this range.

Another variable here is the transmission and motor selection. If you are going to ride a lot of steep hilly terrain, you will need a powerful electric motor and a lot of low-speed transmissions. If you want to commute from Petone to the CBD every day, it is important to have a bicycle with an assistance level of 45 km/h, and you may need a higher gear so that your drivetrain does not wear out quickly.


How far will you ride?
How Far

It is important to consider your general requirements for bicycles and the maximum distance you may want. If you just want to use your bicycle for short-distance leisure cycling or cycling in the city, a 400 Wh battery is enough. However, if you still want to ride some bike trails, then looking for a bike with a capacity of approximately 625 Wh is more appropriate. If you want to ride more than 70 kilometers a day, it would be a good idea to find DualBattery from Sytems Reis and Muller.

How much do you want to carry with you?
EBike Much

This is another big issue to consider, especially considering the range of different bikes we have in the store. Most people who upgrade their commuter bikes just want the bike to get them to and from get off work as quickly and efficiently as possible, but we often find that once people have the power of an electric bike, they will start to want to do more with the bike because of its absolute convenience. In this case, upgrading to a Utility or Midtail bike can keep you a relatively normal riding feeling and have greater cargo expandability. If you want to take your kids to and from school, get materials from Bunnings, or shop for a whole week at a time, then you'd better take a look at our Front Loader or Longtail cargo bikes.

If you just want to take things with you when you travel by bike, most of our bicycles are equipped with or can be equipped with a rear luggage rack, so you can choose to take your essentials with you.

What are your specific requirements?

In addition to the questions listed above, there are many other factors that may be specifically asked for you. Do you only have a small space to store your bicycle? If so, you may want to consider one of our electric folding bikes. Do you have any stairs that you must take when you get home? If so, it's worth checking out our light electric bikes from Specialized and Brompton. Because your hips are already moving upwards, do you need an ultra-low stride frame? Then maybe our series of low-step electric bicycles are best for you.

All of these are examples of important factors, and they will help us guide you in the right direction to find the right bike for you. When you come to look for a bike, please bring these details with us to help us determine the best style for you.

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