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LESOOS provides a way to improve LESOOS e-bike riding farther.

With the development of new technologies, electric bicycle batteries are constantly improving, but it seems that no matter how far you can go, the longer the range of electric bicycles is always better.

The good news is that you can take many simple measures to increase the range of an electric bike and remove the last electron from the battery. Although you can upgrade the parts on the electric bicycle at any time to increase the range, simple changes in riding behavior will also have a huge impact on the range of the electric bicycle, giving you value for money!

Lightly step on the accelerator
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I know, it’s fun to turn the throttle all the way back and fly towards the sunset, or just torn away from the traffic lights. However, each time you accelerate, you consume much more energy than standard cruises. If you have a CycleAnalyst or other wattmeter, you will find that cruising on flat ground may pull 5 or 10 amps, and acceleration can easily bring you to the limit of the controller, which is usually 20 or 30 amps.

When you want to accelerate, do not use the maximum throttle, but try to relax the throttle and accelerate slightly. By spending a few more seconds to speed up, the battery will last longer. This not only leaves more energy for the battery to extend the driving time, but also helps keep the battery temperature low, so that the same energy can be used more efficiently.

Try to pedal while accelerating
Ride EBike
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Because acceleration is the heaviest use of battery power on an electric bicycle, if you step on the pedal for even a few seconds while accelerating, you can reduce energy consumption by half at this stage. This translates into some considerable energy savings, especially if you are riding in a lot of stop-and-go traffic.

Many people are obsessed with the accelerator and don’t like pedaling, but you can think of it as a few seconds of free exercise, which can also extend the range of your electric bike (and save you from having to pedal when the battery is exhausted in the future) .

Glide greatly increases the cruising range of your electric bike
Range of your electric bike
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3. Glide greatly increases the cruising range of your electric bike

When you know you want to park in front, for example, before a traffic light or stop sign, release the accelerator in advance and taxi to the parking spot. Riding at full throttle until the moment you start braking is wasting precious battery energy. You have to stop anyway, why not save your energy by reducing the throttle by an extra 50 yards before you stop?

This may add a few seconds to your total travel time, but if you can't live without those three or four seconds, then your electric bike range may not be the biggest worry in your life.

low down (enjoy life)
enjoy life

If you are not in a hurry, and for safety reasons, try to slow down. Even driving a few miles per hour will significantly reduce the energy you use to maintain that speed.

Energy consumption and speed are not linear, so reducing speed by only 5% can actually save more than 5% of energy. In other words, decelerating a few miles per hour can have a significant impact on your electric bike's mileage.

Keep your tires pumped up Electric bike range
Electric bike range

Tires that remain at the maximum air pressure rating have lower rolling resistance, which means your battery wastes less energy when moving. I’m still trying to find research on bicycle tire pressure and energy usage, but similar studies using car tires consistently show an increase in range of about 3%.

If this data also applies to bicycles, it means that if your current e-bike mileage is 30 kilometers, keeping your tires at maximum can increase your mileage by a full kilometer. Who wouldn't walk an extra kilometer for free?

6. If your electric bicycle has regenerative braking, please use regenerative braking

Regenerative braking of electric bicycles can only use direct drive (gearless) hub motors, but if you have one, make sure to use it. And make sure you brake early when you encounter a red light or stop sign, so use it wisely so that most of the braking can be done by the motor. To do this, it is only necessary to squeeze the brake lever enough to activate regenerative braking, but not enough to apply the brake pads to the rim or brake disc. Remember, this only applies when you have time to brake leisurely. If you need to stop quickly, of course make the most of the brakes!

On my bike, through regenerative braking, I can save up to 5% of energy. This means that no matter what the range of my electric bike is, due to my regenerative braking gain, I can go 5% more.

7. Fully charge the battery as much as possible

Lithium batteries, like any battery, will obviously get the maximum cruising range when they are fully supported Turn off at 100% charging. It can be said that you will not go that far with half a tank.

If you only travel for short distances in a week, some people only need to charge the battery once a week. The problem with this method is that the battery is in a partially discharged state for most of its life cycle. This means that if you suddenly want (or need) to travel a long distance, you may be in trouble.

All these tips can help you increase the range of your electric bike without spending money. If you have money and really want to increase the range of your electric bike, then the second battery is irreplaceable!

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