How to Select the Best Electric Bike for City?


City e-bikes are on a league of their own when it comes to what they bring to the table for urban bike riders. They, especially the good ones, bring unrivaled comfort and convenience for the daily commuter and leisure rider alike. 

Indeed, electric bikes for cities are less about power and hardiness and more about practicality and sufficiency. In short, they are designed with the urban landscape in mind. This fact basically ensures that they should be your number-one pick when you decide to buy an e-bike that you plan to ride regularly in the city you live in. This is also why they are a perfect match for cities that have well-designed and -maintained bike lanes. 


Of course, not all e-bikes for cities are built alike. And, for those who are looking to get the best value for their money, you really have to be meticulous considering a large number of models already available today. This takes knowing the factors and criteria that determine the overall quality of a city e-bike.


City e-bikes should be the epitome of comfort

Almost all people who opt for electric bikes for cities are primarily casual riders. If you are one yourself, then you will probably agree that comfort is your main priority. But what exactly is comfort in terms of city electric bike riding? 

This can vary between riders, that much is certain. But, for most, it is that feeling of not having to break a sweat to get to your destination. 


As much as possible, you would not want to pedal too much. It can also mean being comfortable with the seat every time you ride the electric bike or the convenience it brings as you do your daily commute. Other aspects you should focus on are the handlebars and the weight of the e-bike, especially if you are riding an electric bike for the first time.


To get a clear view of how comfortable any model might be for you, you should, more or less, have a solid answer to the following questions before you settle on anything.

  • Do the seats provide adequate softness for you?
  • Is the e-bike just right for your size?
  • Are the wheels large enough? Wheel size is important because larger wheels actually make it possible for you to cover more distance with every pedaling action. At best, we recommend wheels that are, at least 26”.
  • Would you prefer a folding city e-bike? Foldables are necessary in cases when you have to take the train or go through walkways as well.

One great way to make sure that you will be comfortable with the e-bike is, of course, to take the time to test ride it. This is assuming there is a model available on hand to be test-ridden. 

City e-bike riding range is all about you and your habits

Riding range is arguably the second most important criteria that you should consider when buying a city e-bike. Which you really should be glad to know because a lot of first-time buyers are inclined to overlook this. For this, you have to look mainly at the battery. 

Most stores immediately list the riding range of the battery for your reference. Since it is a range, you can never expect it to deliver the exact mileage every time. There are far too many factors that determine this, after all, such as your riding habits, terrain, how much charge the battery has before you started riding, etc

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