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Whether you are considering buying your first electric bike (e-bike) or proudly owning an electric bike, you need to know a little bit about how to take care of it. This is a complicated technique, and some regular maintenance can help you keep a steady footing for years to come.

Electric Bike Maintenance - LESOOS

Find A Good Electric Bike Shop

A bicycle mechanic doing bicycle repairs in a bicycle shop

Not all bicycle shops have experience with electric bicycles, and the stores that provide services for them may not provide services for the brand or type of electric bicycles you buy. The only way to be sure is to contact the service provider directly in your area.

If you have not purchased an electric bike, please remember the store service when you check. If you buy from a local store, please ask their service department. If you buy from an online-only seller or use a kit to modify your regular bicycle, it will be difficult to find a repair service shop.

Once you have a bicycle and your preferred local mechanic, you should develop a regular maintenance plan. Both the store and your user manual provide recommended service levels. Some electric bicycles have programmed the recommended maintenance period into the bicycle's computer. Even if you do most of the service yourself, a good rule of thumb is to have your store inspected and adjusted every year.

Electric Bike Maintenance - LESOOS

Maximize Battery Life

The computer screen on the electric bicycle shows the environmental protection mode and the estimated mileage of the electric bicycle battery

Not surprisingly, e-bike riders are very interested in how far they can go before the battery runs out, so charging and riding wisely is very important. The good news is that how to extend the range of an electric bicycle battery is quite simple:

  • Charge the battery whenever you have a chance
  • Try to use eco-friendly mode
  • Watch out for wind

Charging: The battery can be charged thousands of times, so even the average rider can use it for many years before the battery needs to be replaced. Therefore, as long as there is a socket, the battery can be charged at any time. For this reason, commuters sometimes use a separate charger at work.

For long-term storage, it is best to charge the battery to 30% to 60% (please check your manual for details). Please also note that cold temperatures will quickly deplete the lithium-ion batteries used in electric bicycles, so whenever the temperature becomes cold, store the battery (if the battery is not removable, then the bicycle) in a heated space .

Riding: Eco mode (or any lowest assist level on the bike) can extend battery life. On the contrary, turbocharging (top mode) will be discharged quickly. Higher tempo (spin the pedal faster) is also a more effective way of riding.

Wind resistance: Even on a calm day, you can encounter wind resistance through your own forward movement. The effect is roughly exponential, which means that increasing the speed from 10 mph to 15 mph (50% increase) requires twice the energy output (provided by you and your battery on the electric bike) to overcome the resulting increase in wind resistance .

Therefore, if you are near the limit of battery life, slowing down can help you ride farther with less power. Of course, you cannot take any measures to counter the effects of naturally occurring headwinds-but please note that if you want to maintain a given speed, it will also consume your energy faster.

Battery handling: They are heavy and expensive, so be careful when loading and unloading batteries. Always follow the electric bike manufacturer's instructions on battery care and charging. (A damaged battery can also generate dangerous heat.)

Having a motor and a battery, as well as a stronger frame to support these components, makes electric bicycles much heavier than traditional bicycles. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that you have a good set of tires under your electric bicycle:

Keep the tires inflated properly. Check the psi level and top tires before each ride, because under-inflated tires cannot roll effectively and cannot support your bike well.

Know how to repair the apartment. On bicycles with a mid-drive motor, however, the hub drive motor is more complicated and requires you to know how to disconnect and reconnect all electrical connections involved

It is simpler than having to fix one on site. Arguing with heavy electric bicycles can also make simple flat repairs more difficult.
Obtain replacement tires made for electric bicycles. They have strong sidewalls, good traction and a certain degree of puncture resistance, all of which are excellent when you need to scrap tires with worn treads.

Electric Bike Maintenance - LESOOS

Take care of your brakes

A heavy and fast bicycle (almost all electric bicycles) needs sufficient braking force:Check and adjust the brake regularly. Before each ride, look for obvious problems, such as loose parts or excessive wear of the rotor and brake pads. Between the rides,Do a more thorough brake inspection

  • .If you feel uncomfortable to perform maintenance after the inspection phase, then please ask your store to perform the inspection and perform the necessary brake repairs.
  • Replace the brake pads and rotor in time. Check the manufacturer's specifications for the degree of wear that requires replacement.

Again, due to the quality and speed of the electric bicycle, your chain will experience a high degree of wear. Due to tolerances within the transmission system components, the chain can only be so strong. Therefore, please pay close attention to the chain and maintain it regularly:

Clean and lubricate the chain regularly. You want the lubricating oil to remain in the chain to minimize the accumulation of grit and dirt on the surface. This usually involves wiping off the chain with a rag to remove old oil and dirt, and applying a small amount of fresh lubricant. Then wipe off the excess lubricant as much as possible, because it will only attract more grit. (Lubricants designated as "dry" are a good choice for riders in clear weather.)
Regularly check and repair or replace the chain

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