Lesoos FatSky related knowledge


Why is Lesoos FatSky so popular?

The following is a list of the main features and advantages of Lesoos FatSky electric bicycles:



1. Battery life

Lesoos FatSky’s battery is a 48V lithium-ion battery. Friends who don’t know much about batteries, just need to know how powerful it is, so that you can ride for a long time, and don’t worry about running out of electric bicycle batteries, which will make you stressful and trapped in the distance.

For those who are more interested in batteries, the lithium-ion battery type is much better than the lead-acid battery because it is generally more reliable and durable, which means you don’t have to periodically change the battery type before the lead-acid battery. This helps keep operating costs low!



Suspension system

2. Front suspension fork

Cyclists are already very satisfied with this irreplaceable function, but if you are not familiar with the suspension system of electric bicycles, we will break it down. The front suspension fork can basically withstand all the forces on the rugged trail, so you don't have to feel it. It will absorb the impact of riding on mountain roads and highways, making the riding experience more streamlined and comfortable.

This is a popular feature of fat tyre electric bicycles, because being able to ride anywhere is one of its main selling points, so a suspension system that supports this is essential. Fortunately, Lesoos FatSky has achieved this feature!


3. 500W brushless motor

Now, if you can't keep up with the types of motors available for electric bicycles, then these words are meaningless. However, if we tell you that you usually see a 350W motor priced at $1,200, then you might be interested. The 500W brushless motor provided here is powerful! Compared to a 350W motor, it allows you to climb steeper slopes, which means you never have to face parts of the path that cannot be accessed again. This is great for adventurers who want to explore every corner and crevice. Even if you insist on driving on the road, a more powerful engine will make you ride more comfortable.

Okay, now you really have been waiting for the design. Yes, all the technically clumsy things above are really impressive, but if the electric bike doesn't look good, you might not care about any of them. Well, we are happy to report that Lesoos FatSky is great. The 500W brushless motor can reach up to 50KM/H.


4. Design

It has only one color, so if this might bother you, it's worth pointing out. Nevertheless, its matte black finish is still stylish and stylish, and it will attract the attention of all other cyclists on the road! Design one of the most popular electric bicycle designs in the world.


5. Safety is the top priority of Lesoos

The team there did assemble a bike with excellent performance, but it was still very safe. They recognized the importance of fat-tyre electric bicycles that can be safely driven on various terrains, and they conducted rigorous tests on Lesoos FatSky to ensure its safety.

Its disc brake system is unparalleled and can work in all kinds of weather conditions in mountains and roads. Electric bicycles are even equipped with headlights as standard equipment for late night or early morning riding! Safety is important to every bike, so it’s great to see Lesoos make it a priority.

Lesoos FatSky adopts dual-brake parking mechanism, parking is very safe and stable

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