• Folding Electric Bicycle - LESOOS

    Folding Electric Bicycle - LESOOS
    For many people, riding an electric bike seems to be the perfect form of short- and medium-distance travel. However, when you are not riding an EBike, the advantages may be tangled. At this time, the LESOOS folding electric bicycle is a good choice. These are perfect for many commuting and travel purposes.Advantage:There are many reasons to consider folding electric bicycles. These are the most...
  • Intro to Electric Bike Maintenance - LESOOS

    Intro to Electric Bike Maintenance - LESOOS
    Whether you are considering buying your first electric bike (e-bike) or proudly owning an electric bike, you need to know a little bit about how to take care of it. This is a complicated technique, and some regular maintenance can help you keep a steady footing for years to come. Find A Good Electric Bike Shop A bicycle mechanic doing bicycle repairs in a...
  • How does EBIKE work?

    How does EBIKE work?
    FAQ: So I am considering buying an electric bike, where do I start? When you decide to buy an electric bike, knowing where to start can be a little overwhelming because there are so many different options What is the purpose of this bicycle? Purpose 1 This is probably the most important question because it will effectively determine the type of bike you are...
  • EBike Safety - LESOOS

    EBike Safety - LESOOS
    It's a beautiful day-what could be more perfect than riding a bicycle? But wait! Before you pull the EBike out of the garage, let us first understand how to stay safe on both wheels. Why is bicycle safety so important? Bicycle Safety 1 Cycling is fun, but accidents happen from time to time. The safest way to use a bicycle is to find a...
  • How to increase the range of electric bicycles -LESOOS

    How to increase the range of electric bicycles -LESOOS
    LESOOS provides a way to improve LESOOS e-bike riding farther. With the development of new technologies, electric bicycle batteries are constantly improving, but it seems that no matter how far you can go, the longer the range of electric bicycles is always better.The good news is that you can take many simple measures to increase the range of an electric bike and remove the...