EBikes Pedal - Lesoos

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[Slip resistance and strong grip]: Lightweight, durable flat pedals are manufactured around an aluminum chassis, each pedal has 8 pins on the side, and the surface is slightly recessed to provide top contact for your bicycle. When you stand on a large flat pedal with no fixed restraints, you will gain ease and mobility.

[Rugged and durable]: The combination of CNC pedal body and quenched and tempered chromium-molybdenum shaft and sealed box-type bearings can ensure durability in any terrain even under the harshest conditions.

[Easy to install]: The left pedal is L, the right pedal is R, and the 9/16-inch spindle is suitable for most mountain bikes, road bikes, etc. The pedals of this model are covered

[Wider platform]: wider and more comfortable pedals, 4.13(L)*4.09(W)*0.9(H) inches, each only 0.4LB