ArmyGreen Design EBike - LESOOS HISky

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Lesoos HISky Ebike

More powerful 350W motor.

LESOOS collects the needs of users and designs a brand-new cruising electric bicycle with high-end configuration. Unique appearance design, army green skin, symbolizing military temperament, high-end aluminum alloy material, configuration completed.

Salient features:

  • 350W Direct Drive Hub Motor
  • 3 working modes and Shimano 7 speed
  • Up to 25miles (pure electric) / 35 miles range (pedal assist) per charge
  • Removable 48V 10.4Ah removable lithium battery
  • Double shock absorber
ArmyGreen Design EBike - LESOOS HISky

Motor Capacity

48 V 10.4 Ah

Battery Capacity

15 Mph

Maximum Speed


Charging Time

30 Miles

Max Range

260 Lbs

Max Load

ArmyGreen Design EBike - LESOOS HISky

350W Motor

350-watt high-efficiency brushless motor

More powerful 350W motor---Electric bicycle is equipped with 350W high-speed brushless motor, which provides enough power for your daily commuting, cruising or jogging favorite trails.


Motor Capacity

15 Mph

Maximum Speed

48v 10.4AH

Battery Capacity

27*1.93 Tire

27*1.93 tires are very fast and light bicycles. Fast driving speed, this tire has complete durability and adaptability, very suitable for long-term driving.



Mechanical Disc Brakes


ArmyGreen Design EBike - LESOOS HISky
ArmyGreen Design EBike - LESOOS HISky

Multifunction Display

The backlit display provides travel information such as speed, mileage, and power.

Battery Capacity

A fuel gauge
for your electrons.


Calculate how many
miles you ride.

Removable Battery

High-quality batteries, equipped with a protection board, to prevent overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, and short circuit to ensure long life. The black hard plastic shell can effectively protect the battery. The LED battery indicator can notify you of charging in time

ArmyGreen Design EBike - LESOOS HISky
ArmyGreen Design EBike - LESOOS HISky

350W geared motor

It allows you to reach your destination quickly at a speed of up to 25KM/H.

ArmyGreen Design EBike - LESOOS HISky

Front suspension fork

"Thanks to the front suspension fork with locking device and suspended seatpost, LESOOS FatSky Pro provides a smooth and comfortable riding experience"

ArmyGreen Design EBike - LESOOS HISky

Integrated rear rack

Connect baskets, platforms or baskets to let the bike carry your cargo. Free storage and use of extra space for your belongings.

Dual lights and brake system

The headlights and unique LED circle keep you in sight, while the taillights provide a stable and bright pattern when the lights are activated.

ArmyGreen Design EBike - LESOOS HISky

Shimano 7-Speed

A wider range of gearing at your disposal mean more torque for treacherous uphill climb and maintain pedal authority at top speed.

ArmyGreen Design EBike - LESOOS HISky

EBike Lock

LESOOS specially designed electric bicycle lock, 4 functions of electronic lock, remote switch electric bicycle, similar to car lock.

  • Frame: 27 inches alloy frame
  • Susoension: Full suspension for shock absorption
  • motor: 48V 350W Hight Speed rear spoked wheel motor
  • Drive Mode: 1.Pur Battery powerful Mode 2.Pure Foot Ride Mode 3.Battery-Assist Mode
  • Display: LCD
  • Battery: 48V/10AH
  • Controller: DC48V 12magnets
  • Brake F/R: Disc brake
  • Gear: 7 Speed
  • HandleBar: Alloy,black
  • Tires & tubes: 26*1.93 tyre
  • Charger: 48V 2A
  • Weight: 22kg
  • Size: 1420*230*800mm

A. Total Length 72 inch

B. Handlebar Height 41 inch

C. Wheelbase 44 inch

D. Minimum Seat Height 36 inch

E. Maximum Seat Height 43 inch

F. Chainstay Length 18 inch

G. Stand Height 9 inch

H. Top Tube Length 21 inch

I. Wheel Diameter 28 inch

J. Head Tube Length 9 inch

K. Handlebar 26 inch

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